PQA provides a wide variety of crisis management, political risk assessment, business intelligence, investigative, due diligence and related services.

1. – Political Risk and Crisis Management

One stream of work at PQA is exclusively devoted to monitoring political stability in Thailand specifically and Southeast and South Asia, generally. A regular stream of reporting, with appended analysis, is provided for countries in these regions. The reporting is concise, timely and targeted specifically to address customer requirements. Reporting is based upon a mix of public, private and source obtained information, which, in totality, provides an accurate assessment of political stability and related issues in any given location at any point in time.

Reporting is supplemented with emergency phone notifications of fast breaking or unexpected events. Regular conference calls are scheduled for management during crisis periods.

2. – Security Consulting

PQA provides security audits and assessments for clients present in Asian venues. These services include physical security audits of commercial sites- regardless of size, location or complexity. Audit reports include recommendations for improvements and enhancements, as well as current threat assessments for areas near company facilities. Security audits are comprehensive and address vendor practices, transportation facilities, fire safety, natural disaster, HR practices and related activities.

3. – Due Diligence and Investigative Services

PQA has several investigative teams that perform comprehensive due diligence investigations. This service allows a full examination of companies, shareholders, management and related financial posture. Due diligence investigations also address the reputation of the company and management involved as it relates to the larger commercial sector within which it is found.

4. – Pre-Employment Screening

PQA has an established, high-quality program that provides pre-employment screening for corporate clients. This service occupies a separate stream of work in the company and has been honed to provide a comprehensive examination of potential employees at a very reasonable cost. PQA has for several years worked with large western conglomerates doing business in Asia, as well as vendors who provide employee candidates to these companies. Please see our Pre-Employment Screening tab for more information.