PQA Associates is a risk assessment, crisis management and security consulting firm. It was founded over a decade ago by Paul L. Quaglia, a former senior officer of the United States Central Intelligence Agency. Mr. Quaglia has extensive overseas experience in the Middle East and South and East Asia.

Our firm is small and limits the number of clients with whom it engages. This strategy, while counterintuitive, allows us to provide finely tuned reporting and consulting services to each of our clients, particularly during periods of turmoil, when accurate information is difficult to obtain and when time is of the essence.

The firm also operates a separate stream of work dedicated to pre- employment screening services, due diligence enquiries and related investigative services.

The firm’s client base consists mainly of international corporations in the finance, banking, IT, energy, oil&gas, construction and manufacturing sectors, as well as state-owned enterprises.

The firm enjoys long-standing contacts with senior government, military, law enforcement and intelligence officials in most ASEAN countries in Southeast Asia.